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Education gives value and concept of life and courage to cope up with problems in life. Right to Education ensures compulsory and free education to all 6 to 14 years children of the country, but due to disability children in need are deprived of this right. Our three Special Teachers in 4 blocks of Rajnandgaon district (Mohla, Chowki, Chhuriya and Dongargarh) are teaching 72 visually impaired children with special methods of teaching. They are taught by Braille methods giving visits to VI children in schools and in their homes.

In these processes family members, neighbors and peer groups also contribute. These children study along with non disabled children; this being the best model of inclusion in the community. The project was started with the support of Sightsavers International in the year 2004 and as of now CF-SHORE is supporting the project, being one among its integral social support network.

The main objective of this project is to mainstream visually impaired children of project area by providing them required education and learning materials, assistive devices, aids and equipments, training of Braille and enable them to pursue their education with common children in mainstream education system. Inclusive Education Project aims education rehabilitation of the children with visually impairment and support Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission as per the guideline of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Project aims to build the capacity of community and other stakeholders on education needs and issues of Visually Impaired (VI) and Low vision (LV) children. There are two Itinerating Special Teachers to teach VI children. They visit the homes and schools of VI children and translate their texts and education materials in Braille and teach them as per their needs.

The project motivated parents, teachers and community through holding various activities and reviewed the progress of children by paying regular visits both at home and at schools. These children were trained in Braille, Abacus and Trailer Frame by our Special Inclusive Education Teachers. VI children covered by the project were given training on Daily Living Skill and Orientation and Mobility so that they may perform their daily activities by own or with minimum support of others.

The project has proven its worth as most of the children were able to complete their daily activities with minimum support of their peers and pursuing studies normally in mainstream education system. All the VI/LV children are enjoying benefits available under government departments meant for them like- assistive devices, educational kits and concession passes from the concerned departments like SSA, DDRC, Panchayat and Social Welfare, RTO and Railway.