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Udaan is a project being implemented since 1st October 2014 in 29 villages of 20 Gram Panchayats of Rajnandgaon block of Rajnandgaon district, CG in partnership with WaterAid India for promotion of Disability Inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services and rights of Persons with Disabilities. Though the area is much closer to Rajnandgaon Township the condition of Water and Sanitation for Persons with Disabilities in the target area is not encouraging. Persons with disabilities are denied of their basic water and sanitation rights in the project area. Public structures and offices the WASH facilities are not disability-friendly and that’s why these offices are not accessible to persons with disabilities. Lack of disability-friendly and barrier-free environment in the area denies persons with disability their right to participation. For promotion of disability inclusive water and sanitation rights of persons with disabilities in Rajnandgaon district Water Aid India is supporting the project. The project covers 29 villages of Ghumka sector of Rajnandgaon block of Rajnandgaon district.

Sensitization of persons with disabilities, family members and community, strengthening of Disable People’s Organizations (DPOs), orientation of PRIs and people’s representatives and stakeholder departments, demonstration of disability inclusive Water and Sanitation structures, observation of World, Toilet Day, World Disability Day and World Water Day and Global Hand Washing Day and motivating community for Open Defecation Free villages etc. were the main activities performed during the period.